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Renovating Your Hotel? Here Are Some Considerations For Adding A Conference Room

If you manage a hotel and are overseeing a renovation or addition, you might be thinking about adding one or more conference rooms to the building. Getting into the business of hosting business conferences can be lucrative for any hotel, but there are several things that you'll want to think about in the early stages of planning the inclusion of the conference room and how it will look. The right setup can attract local businesses that will host events at your facility, and may even have out-of-town attendees stay at your hotel for the night. Here are some considerations for adding conference space:

Make It Easy To Get To

It's important that the conference facility in your hotel is easy to reach for attendees. Many of them will be arriving, parking in your lot, and then walking straight into the conference, so it's ideal if they don't have to navigate a series of hallways, stairs, or even take an elevator trip to get where they're going. While it's sensible to have the conference room reachable through a hallway that connects to the hotel's main lobby, it's also ideal if there can be an entrance to the building that connects adjacent to the entrance to the conference room.

Position It On The Building's Exterior

There may be several spots in your hotel that you're considering for converting into conference space, but it's ideal if this room is positioned so that it has an exterior wall. This will allow there to be multiple windows in the room, which can be ideal for helping to create a pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, attendees can open the windows to allow fresh air into the room, which may be valuable in the afternoon when they're starting to get fatigued after a long day of work.

Make It Convenient To Other Related Amenities

Think about the other locations in your hotel that need to be close to the conference room, and position it accordingly during your renovation plans. For example, a conference room is unlikely to have its own bathrooms, which means that attendees will likely use the bathrooms in your hotel's lobby area. It's ideal if the conference room is just a short walk from these facilities. Additionally, many conference attendees will book catered meals or snacks from your hotel's food services department. While the conference room doesn't need to be next to the kitchen, it's handy if the two are positioned conveniently so that food services staff can transport food to and from the conference room quickly.

For more information on hotel conference rooms, contact a local hotel concierge.