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Hello, my name is Genevieve Truman. Welcome to my website about hotels and lodging. When I was a child, my family and I would travel across the world to learn about new cultures and develop lasting friendships. During these travels, I learned about the hotel and lodging industry through an inside perspective. I decided to create this site to share my passion for hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, hostels and many other lodging options available today. I invite you to come back to my site every day to learn all you can about the amazing lodging options available throughout the world. Thank you for coming by.


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Top Amenities You Can Find In Some Hotels You Should Look For

If you have stayed in a hotel before you know that many will offer certain amenities to their guests either as a convenience or to show their appreciation of your business. You most likely have found small bottles of shampoo and conditioner as well as soaps, irons, and even hair dryers. Many hotels in large cities or popular tourist destinations offer other types of amenities too that you might be surprised by.

Here are some top amenities you can find in some hotels that you should look out for.

Snack And Personalized Gift Baskets

You may not find this in all hotels, but more hotels in large cities and many resorts are offering personalized gift baskets as a welcome to the area and a thank you for staying with us.

Hotels that offer personalized gift baskets by getting information on your likes and needs when you book your room. This helps them create a unique gift basket that fits your needs. They could ask you if you are visiting for business, family vacation, or even a special event and you will find your basket will reflect the reason for your stay.

Snack baskets can also be customized to suit your favorite foods. The hotel staff might ask you if you have any special snacks you enjoy, what your kids like to eat, and if there are any allergies or dietary needs they should be aware of. They can also create a snack basket based on favorite local foods and snacks.

Free Bike Or Car Service

Not all hotels in major cities or tourist destinations offer this, but you can find free bike-sharing services at many of the larger hotels, also some boutique-type hotels offer them as well. While some hotels will ask for a small fee or include it in your room rental, others will offer the bikes for free while you stay at the hotel. It's possible they may ask for a deposit in the event the bike is damaged but that is usually returned to you once you bring the bike back.

Also, it's possible to find a car service at certain hotels in many tourist locations.

Staff members at the hotels are on hand to take you wherever you need to go, within reason of the hotel, and pick you up again. This could be included in the price of your hotel stay, or it could be a free option.

It's also possible to borrow a free car if you stay at some higher-end hotels. A deposit might be required but will be returned when the car is brought back.

In-Room Personalized Dining

In some cases when you stay at hotels in resort locations you may find that you can get personalized in-room dining options. This could mean several different things. You could get your own specialized menu to order from room service based on your favorites or dietary needs. You could also have your own chef come to your room and cook you a private meal with a complimentary wine selection to go with it.

If you prefer, you could also just have your own personal bartender make cocktails to create a party atmosphere to enjoy with your friends.