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The Pros And Cons Of Aparthotels

Accommodation is an integral component of any travel plan. Naturally, people think of hotel accommodation since the facilities have been around for centuries. However, there are new innovative accommodation solutions like aparthotels in the market. So, what makes aparthotels a suitable alternative and are there any downsides? This article analyzes the pros and cons of staying in a serviced apartment. 

The Pros of Serviced Apartments 

Less Costly 

Aparthotels offer more affordable accommodation services compared with hotels. Essentially, you can cook for yourself and reduce the food budget. You can also clean your space rather than incur housekeeping costs. Then, you can hold your business meetings in the apartment instead of hiring external meeting venues. Notably, aparthotels have affordable packages for extended stays. In comparison, hotels charge a daily rate that makes staying for more than a night expensive.  

More Living Space 

When you book a hotel, you will get one room. Thus, if you want to book group accommodation, you must reserve several hotel rooms at extra cost. In comparison, a serviced apartment offers more space. A typical apartment has a living room, a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. There is also an option of booking an aparthotel with extra bedrooms. Therefore, there is more space to accommodate activities of daily living. Besides, the serviced apartment is ideal for families and groups that want shared space while retaining some privacy. 

Enhanced Convenience

The ideal accommodation facility should enhance convenience and customer choice. If you book a serviced apartment, you will have more freedom to live as you want. For instance, serviced apartments let you prepare your meals. Thus, you can eat whatever you want at your convenient time rather than keep with the hotel schedule. Also, you can hold your social and business meetings in the apartment. This way, you get more privacy, and you can cook for the guest afterwards. In addition, a serviced hotel lets you choose when to do housekeeping tasks. 

The Cons Of Serviced Apartments 

When you hire a serviced apartment, you have to think about housekeeping duties. This can be overwhelming when you rent an aparthotel with multiple bedrooms. Most aparthotels understand that you may not have the time to maintain the apartment. Therefore, they offer housekeeping services at an extra cost.

Knowing the pros and cons of serviced apartments can help you make the right accommodation decisions. Keep in mind that aparthotels differ in their facilities and amenities, and select one that meets your preferences.